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  • Dell Desktop PC Restoration – Part 2
    Check out part one if you haven’t already. Usually the first thing I look at when repairing any PC is the power supply. When I’m building a modern PC, the one thing I never cheap out on is the power supply. It’s such an important piece because all other components are down stream from it electrically speaking. I … Continued
  • Dell Desktop PC Restoration – Part 1
    On the weekend of June 6th 2021 I went camping on an old pecan farm in Kansas with some friends. On this farm land is an old chicken coup, stone water well, and a small collapsing farm house. The house has been abandoned  for over a decade. Most everything from the inside is long gone. The floor bent … Continued
  • Long Live the Sega Saturn
    The Sega Saturn could have been more than it was, especially outside of Japan. It’s a platform powerhouse that was bastardized into doing half ass 3D rendering. The dual processor setup was a response to competitors in the market and seen as a way of separating the background layers from polygon rendering. However, the industry was ready for … Continued
  • Quick Play Series on YouTube
    I’ve started posting game play videos of games from various systems. Most are retro systems like the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and PlayStation. However, I’m also sprinkling in some Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. My aim here is to keep posting these and watch which ones are the most popular, then do a longer series on those titles. I’m … Continued
  • Remembering Fallout 3
    One of the first realizations you have in the Capital Wasteland is that you are broke. You have the clothes on your back and any items you brought with you during your getaway from the vault. Wandering around not too far from your old underground home, you run into Megaton. Although a small settlement, it has a diverse … Continued
  • Thoughts on Retro Compatibility
    I’m in my mid thirties and a self declared retro gamer. I’m writing this when the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are landing in people’s living rooms fresh from the factory. Many people are shedding their old systems to make way for the latest and greatest.
  • Horizon Forbidden West Coming in 2021
    Guerrilla Games, best known for their Killzone games, has been developing a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s set to come out in 2021 for both PS4 and the new PS5. It’s clear from the screen captures that it will have the striking visuals and colors that we now associate with the series.
  • Borderlands
    Pandora is a shit hole. Supposedly it’s the new frontier, but only the wild and crazy have ended up on this planet. There are plenty of dangerous assholes to clear out across the land. Like any desert land, the creatures are particularly nasty. The only thing that makes it worth it is the loot. Treasure in the form … Continued